Walking Sticks Work When Used Correctly ...

  • Among people who fall at home - most do not have their walking stick with them when they fall and sustain more severe injuries
  • Data revealed that 75% of 250+ people who fell, were not using their walking stick at the time of their fall, despite stating that sticks help prevent falls
  • Reasons for non-use included believing it was not needed, forgetfulness, the device made them feel old and inaccessibility
  • Perceived risk was not high enough to engage in self-protective behaviour. However, non-use led to a significantly higher proportion of falls resulting in surgery than among walking stick users
  • Among respondents requiring surgery, 100% were non-users. Most respondents never received a home safety evaluation (68%) and only 50% received training on proper device use 
  • Conclusion: A walking stick is the safest way to prevent serious injury from falls, and it is imperative that users are trained and educated correctly in the use of their walking aid.