I felt immediately placed amongst the old and infirm – rather like that clever but cruel road sign depicting two ancients bent over walking sticks, warning motorists: ‘Beware elderly people crossing.'

Preventing falls


"As we get older, little falls around the house or on the street become a serious risk to health, but falls should not just be considered an inevitable part of the aging process. The key to reducing the incidence of falls and fall-related-injuries is identifying and managing those things that put you at greater risk."

Falls proving costly


"15.5 - the average number of days spent in hospital by an elderly person who falls." 

What should I do if I fall?


If you're not hurt and you feel strong enough to get up, don't get up quickly. Roll onto your hands and knees and look for a stable piece of furniture, such as a chair or bed.

Trends in hospitalised injury


'However, above the age of 64 years, this reversed, with injury rates higher among women than men,' Professor Harrison said.



   And now for something light - a poem about using a walking stick.