IQ Stick: you can take it everywhere

People fall over because they don't use their walking stick

Walking Sticks help prevent falls and are the safest way to avoid serious injury from falls. Unfortunately many people - who normally use a walking stick - fall when they don’t have their walking stick with them.

The IQ Stick's modern and unique design encourages the user to keep it with them at all times, reducing the risk of injury from falls.

  • Among people who fall at home - most do not have their walking stick with them when they fall and sustain more severe injuries

  • One in three adults aged over 65 years have at least one fall per year

  • Falls are common in aged care facilities, 50% of residents fall at least once per year

  • Every year in NSW falls lead to approximately 27,000 hospitalisations and at least 400 deaths in people aged 65+

  • In NSW 2006/07 the burden on the health care system - associated with fall related injuries in older people - was estimated at a whopping $558.5 million

  • This burden - from fall related injuries in older people - will grow unless action is taken

  • World health experts agree that there are many ways to reduce the risk of having a fall, and one recommendation is the use of a walking stick.

IQ Stick is unsuitable for people over 5’10” (177cm) and weighing more than 120kg.